Eyes on MSI: Team Liquid (2018 Mid-Season Invitational)

games I don’t like doing things half-ass and I don’t like losing. So, I just wanted to be the best as I possibly can. And… since that is how my makeup is and I naturally fall into that role it just happens. I don’t aggressively try to take it or just, you know, show up, “I’m the leader, guys, listen to me.”

I think it’s just how I talk how I approach things and where I want it to go. In League of Legends, we all want to win. Any team, you know, they all want to win. But it’s just how you get there and for me the “how” part and the “why” is what’s most important. [Music: “Mystik” by Tash Sultana] 3, 2, 1, Hundred!

Alright, it all comes down to this. 1, 2, 3, Liquid! One series is gonna be the culmination of an entire split’s worth of work for both of these brand new squads. (cheering) Aphromoo: It’s just like regular season. Aphromoo: There’s a crowd, and then there’s a stage. Cody Sun: Mm-hm.

Cody Sun: It’s like regular season, bro. Cody Sun: Stone cold. Cody Sun: You don’t feel nothing. Aphromoo: Play for the team.

Ryu: What? Aphromoo: Play for team. Ryu: I always play for team. It’s very hard for teams to be selfless. Everybody has their own opinion and it’s really hard to get people to all agree for one idea because League of Legends isn’t the same scenario every single time.

There’s always something different, you know, something different thrown into the equation. So if you call a plan you need to make sure that everybody that’s involved is able to get to that goal. And that means looking out for the other person. Aphromoo: We can go for the dive, you can start pushing. Cody Sun: Yep. Aphromoo: We’ll probably need Skarner to yank him out sometime.

Meteos: Yeah, I’m here. Ssumday: They got it. Aphromoo: Yeah, wait for us to get close. Meteos: I’m gonna Predator on him. Aphromoo: We got him.

Everyone: Go, go, go. Impact’s here, it’s a 1v4 under turret. – Go, go, go. Meteos has everything available here on the Skarner. The damage coming in, the dive going through.

Ssumday: Okay. But also give them that respect that, you know, maybe I’m wrong and that’s very important. If you have the person who you’re listening to for calls and he’s not listening to you or you don’t feel like you’re being heard then, I don’t think you can become a selfless team. You’ll always have those strifes. Ryu: Coming, coming, coming. Aphromoo: Yeah, pull, pull, I can hit him into tower.

They grab Sejuani, they grab Xmithie. Meteos decides this is the pull, this is the play, this is the initiation and they find the enemy jungler. We have no more engage, we have no more engage.

Aphromoo and Meteos, they have had so many combinations this year. It’s so hard to get, like, five guys to do the same thing anywhere you go. So… teams that are really good at doing that are usually the ones that have the most success and for me… all I can think about is CLG 2015. Four out of five of us are in the Finals and all of us know what it is to get to that point of being a great team.

They’re going for Baron, they’ve got it down to half. Aphro on them! Aphromoo coming around from the side the Shuffle backwards, looking to disengage and the suppression comes through and Pobelter is dragged down! Doublelift: He Flash ulted. Doublelift: Hey, you guys are three now, wait for– I’m up in ten seconds. Impact: Uh, I think it’s… Doublelift: Is it gone?

They still have to worry about Xmithie smiting this. – Alright, I’m gonna try to Headbutt him, okay? Meteos: Yep. Cody Sun: Ok. Baron one-quarter HP, very, very low. – Impact’s in! – Xmithie’s wanting to go over the wall – Oh, he didn’t make it!

– He still goes over the wall! (Smite sound) – He got it! – What?! Xmithie with the steal! Everyone: Back, back, back. Impact: I’m running, I’m running.

Doublelift: Run, run, run. Doublelift: You guys are fine, you guys are fine, keep it up. Olleh: Back, back, back. Pobelter: Let’s time all their Summs

Olleh: Skarner no Flash. Pobelter: Good steal, our bot wave is pushing to us. Doublelift: Hey, dragon up in one minute. Pobelter: Okay. Now, Team Liquid, still 20 seconds left with the Baron buff moves themselves into position onto the inhibitor.

Doublelift: Eugene, we’re really stacked, we’re really stacked. Doublelift: Let me take bot turret. Doublelift: Ornn! Managing to go for the throw trying to get Ssumday there into the middle they pick him up.

Meteos through the side now, gonna be isolated himself, taken down! And Team Liquid– – Oh! could win right here, a double kill for Doublelift! Everyone: We can end, we can end! Doublelift: Keep going, keep going!

– Nice, nice. The Thieves are out! And Liquid will take game number one Casinoslots review online casino in Singapore 2019.

Doublelift: Jake, Jake, Jake! Xmithie: Nice, nice synergy. Doublelift: Ok, ok, next game, next game. Doublelift: Let’s focus. Doublelift: We actually should have lost, Jake 1v5’d. Doublelift: Let’s just focus on the next game.

Pobelter: Ok, nice. I think, getting out of my own head… kinda like, getting out of my own way was really important for me this year. I just got super caught up in how will I look to the fans, like… oh, man, people are gonna think I’m washed up ’cause I got kicked off of TSM because Zven is performing better than me and all these kind of negative thoughts.

And then I realized that, like I’m just getting in my own way, all the time. I’m just thinking about… just me, me, me. – Alright, guys. Cain: Calm down. – Shh.

Cain: Listen, listen. (Cain speaking Korean) Dodo: Yeah, like, I know you guys are a little bit hyped up, like you guys are excited but just try to calm down a little bit and focus more on listening. Like you guys are all talking a lot the comms are getting cluttered you guys just really need to listen. You guys already know what to do you don’t have to say everything in detail you just have to say out what you need to say and have comms and be on the same page.

(Korean) Dodo: Yeah, everyone has their role, right? (Korean) Dodo: Yeah, ’cause like, Olleh couldn’t really speak, ’cause there were so many comms coming out, right? Dodo: So, calm down, have the comms really clean, ok?

– Ok, alright. – Yep! Liquid on three: 1, 2, 3, Liquid! [Music: “Eyes on MSI Theme – Miami Remix (2018)” by Riot Games] Doublelift: They don’t have a pink on bottom. Pobelter: We can come down to bottom.

Impact: Yeah, we can move down bot. Doublelift: Yo, yo, yo. Xmithie: Skarner’s top side too, Skarner’s top side. Xnithie: Yes, yes, yes Doublelift: I’m gonna go on bot, ok? Doublelift: Wait for me, let me go first, let me go first.

Pobelter: Ok, can we play with that wave? Doublelift: Yeah. Pobelter: We got it, we got it. Olleh: Yeah, Braum. Cody Sun and Aphromoo gonna have a hard time getting away from this one.

Cody’s already down, Aphro will follow him shortly after. And Liquid walk away with two. Pobelter comes over the Ryu wall and now it might be Liquid who’s found 100 Thieves in a real bad spot! A 4-man Shuffle finds them all and Liquid finds huge success. 100 Thieves take down Xmithie, but Pobelter finds vengeance for his friend.

This is such a massive amount of momentum for Team Liquid. The Thieves are on the retreat and Liquid is looking to take this to match point, right here, right now. Olleh: Nice job, guys. Pobelter: Good job. (cheering) (Cain speaking Korean) Dodo: I mean, like, the communication was a lot better this game than the first game.

You guys are a lot more calm. One of the things that our coaching staff said was, “The most dangerous opponent is the one with their backs to the wall,” so we were really expecting them to come out swinging hard. First pick Caitlyn. Dodo: Yeah, first pick Caitlyn… What’s your answer?

Jhin. Dodo: Jhin. [Music: “Notion” by Tash Sultana] Then I walked out of base at level one and Cody’s playing Caitlyn, I’m playing Jhin. It’s a really hard matchup for me. And he has Doran’s Shield ’cause he just wants to farm evenly and I just knew– I knew right then we won like, for sure we’re gonna win. Xmithie: If it’s freezing, I’m gonna go bot.

Impact: Yeah, just go bottom. Pobelter: Yeah, we’ll force a play bot. Pobelter: Go, go, go!

We got them both! Xmithie: Yeah! Doublelift opens up!

The Curtain Call is out, Cody Sun looking to get away. Pobelter with another great Shuffle, Cody Sun is down. Aphromoo likely to follow, the Deadly Flourish from downtown. Xmithie: Nice ult.

Doublelift: Nice. Doublelift: That was insane. Doublelift: We kill turret, you look to engage– – same as last game. Xmithie: Yeah.

They could stick around with the buff! There goes Xmithie, able to go in, able to find the pull– destroys Ryu, and that’s one of your carries already out of the picture. 100 Thieves in some trouble, gonna be taken even lower. Aphromoo already taken down! It’s a double for Doublelift and the Thieves are routed!

My mind is usually really numb when there’s this sensory overload. Everyone’s screaming I don’t even know what the crowd is chanting they’re just yelling. Pobelter: Finish!

Everyone: Finish, finish! Impact: Let’s go! Xmithie: Base, base. Olleh: Let’s go MSI! Impact: Nice, guys! (cheering) Doublelift: Woo!

Doublelift: You’re so good, you’re so good. You’re so good, you’re so good. You’re hella good. You’re hella good.

Our team is hella good. Doublelift: It’s okay. Xmithie: Olleh, it’s okay. They’ve all been to the final stage before and now they’ll be there victorious together. You know, I look around at my teammates and visually, there’s confetti everywhere like, I can’t process what’s going on but the thing that I kind of locked on was… I looked over at Olleh, and I hugged him and I saw he was kind of… he was kinda tearing up he was crying a little bit, ’cause he was so happy that we won.

And that made me really happy you know, that he’s… he felt so relieved, and so overwhelmed by winning, and… I kind of, like, got to appreciate that moment of just being with my teammates, holding the trophy. We all get to share this great experience together.

Team Liquid are your North American LCS Spring Split Champions! Team Liquid will take their place amongst the old guard to be remembered forever. I think this is the first championship the first playoffs I’ve played in where I just felt happy for everyone else. Other ones I was happy for myself I’m like, “Yeah! I get to vindicate myself,” finally, I get to win with CLG, finally, I get to win on TSM and like, perpetuate the legacy, I feel great. But this is the one where I felt really happy for Steve ’cause he was getting bashed by every owner and just getting mocked all the time and he finally kinda got his moment where it all worked for him.

I’m so happy. Doublelift: Did they have confetti in relegations? Steve: No, they don’t! I was happy for Olleh for winning his first time and like… persevering through that. And Impact was saying, like, “Oh my God, you know, I’ve never won a Finals,” like… he’s like, “Oh, but with Peter…” “We’re definitely going to make the Finals, we just need to win one match.”

Doublelift: Ha! Untiltable. Doublelift: I honored you after the game.

Pobelter finally gets recognized. Crowd: Pobelter! Pobelter! Doublelift: Eugene’s Flash ulti was sick. Doublelift: That was nuts. Jake gets a sick baron steal to give us the momentum to win the series.

I think… it was mostly about others this time and that’s why it’s totally different. But I did think about my fans and how like, my fans were so supportive of me especially after the Echo Fox weekend. They really went out of their way to type long messages to me and support me and like make sure that I was okay.

So, I did think a lot about “Wow,” they care so much about me, that they took, like, a big chunk out of their day, to show their support and I was really grateful for that so I kinda want to do it for them. (cheering) For us, we’re going to go to MSI. I’ve never been more excited ’cause it’s like, I’ve been to Worlds I’ve been to playoffs, I’ve won LCS before but I’ve never been to MSI. It’s so… cool and new for me and… I’m playing with someone– I’m playing with Xmithie.

He was an MSI finalist on CLG. He, you know, he beat SKT. Crazy upsets and… I want to like, recreate that but I want to take it all the way, you know? Like I want to make America really proud of me and of Team Liquid, our performance and this could be the turning point for me.

This could be where everything changes and like and North America gets on the radar internationally and I get on the radar and… yeah, I just really wanna… I really wanna make it happen. [Music: “Bon Voyage” by Miami Yacine] I can already see it now. Everyone’s gonna push me versus Rekkles ’cause we have been playing pretty well recently according to the community.