Year: 2019

River Cruise for All Family

River cruise lines are trying to attract more families and you’ll find in the key school holiday periods some cruise lines have more family or multi-generational cruises, where they try and build in more activities and features for kids. In my view, river cruising is much more of a baby

Cruise River Tours

A lot of the river cruising lines developed out of escorted tour companies and a lot of the people who go on river cruising are people who enjoy escorted tours and that more regimented way of traveling. It is quite a regimented and strict way of experiencing a region. The

River Cruise Tips

When you’re going to go on a river cruise you can’t really tell by the outside of the ship, you need to really look inside. Also it’s very important to note that river cruise ships have relatively limited facilities. You normally find there’s a large lounge area with a bar,